Key: We Must Trust

Kiwi Mistrust    NZ cricket

The New Zealand cricket board sacked their best batsman as captain not very long ago. Here’s some quotes:

Mike Hesson, NZ coach, to Ross Taylor:

“Ross, we believe you to be a follower rather than a leader. When the tour finishes you will no longer be captain of the team in any format.”

Mike Hesson, NZ coach, to the media:

“In terms of planning from series to series it’s extremely difficult, to look after your own game and worry about that of the team. Therefore my recommendation was for Ross to stay on as Test captain and focus on that, and also focus on his batting in all three forms, and for Brendon to come in as leader of the one-day and T20 squads.”

Shane Bond, NZ bowling coach, in privately ‘leaked’ letter:

“I believe the coach has been dishonest in his assertion around the miscommunication of the captaincy split with Ross. At no time in my conversations with Mike Hesson, that mostly included Bob Carter and/or the manager, was the captaincy split ever discussed. It was clear to me that Ross Taylor was to be removed from all three formats.”

Ross Taylor, when asked if the NZ board were lying about the offer of Test captaincy:


Key: We take a poll; Oh jeez!  NZ cricket

The New Zealand cricket board were swift in organising a review of their process. Following the review, there was no circling of wagons, just honesty. Here’s more quotes:

NZ Chairman Chris Moller apologises for the shambolic way his board handled the sacking:

“The board has reviewed all aspects of the captaincy issue and wishes to publicly place on record its apologies to Ross Taylor and his family for the manner in which events have unfolded. There were a number of significant shortcomings and the New Zealand Cricket board and chief executive take full responsibility for these.”

NZ Chairman admits errors made:

“There are no hanging offences in all of this. Yes, the ball’s been dropped, absolutely. Could we have done things better? Absolutely. Are we going to learn from those mistakes, well we hope so.”

NZ Chairman Chris Moller builds bridges to reach out to Ross Taylor:

“The board fully understands Ross Taylor’s reasons for not going to South Africa and sincerely hopes that as our current best batsman, Ross will be available for the English tour this summer.”

Back to Ross Taylor:

“I appreciate the apology from NZC. Keen to put it behind me and looking forward to getting back with the team soon.”

Key: We Skyrocket  NZ cricket

The NZ team moved on very rapidly. The side greatly improved. Ross Taylor resumed his run-scoring exploits. The new captain had Taylor’s full support. Things got more cohesive, the side were able to trust each other and play more aggressive cricket, things got better:

  • New Zealand have risen from eighth in the Test rankings and ninth in the ODI rankings to third in both formats.
  • New Zealand reached the World Cup final for the first time in their history earlier this year. McCullum was one of five NZ players in the team of the tournament.

 New Zealand: Bold, aggressive, exciting…and not afraid of talent.

  1. Could England have handled this situation as poorly as New Zealand did?
  2. Would England have been as honest and as fair in their public response as New Zealand?!
  3. Will England go on an upwards or downwards curve from here on in?!!
  4. Are any of these questions even relevant?!!!

Good luck to New Zealand tomorrow! 

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2 Responses to Key: We Must Trust

  1. As a fervent and long-time supporter of the Black Caps, I was appalled at how the captaincy issue was handled at the time, and delighted at how the team has responded since then. Their performance in the recent World Cup in particular brought so much pleasure to their followers, and generated pride in our team once more. I look at the Pietersen/Strauss schemozzle now and shake my head … And yes, good luck to New Zealand! 🙂

    • The NZ approach at the World Cup transcended nationalities – it was fantastic and well worth getting up for at 3am to watch the side dismantle people. That semi against the Saffers and the Australian group game were fantastic; the demolition of England embarrassing but something we absolutely deserved.

      It was like a bit like XI made up of 1994 Hristo Stoitchkov’s – it was a team I’m sure almost everyone got behind. I’d have no qualms about NZ beating England in this series. I cant say I feel that way about Australia, but NZ, certainly.

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