Four Spots of Happy Cricketing News

It is difficult to blog when the recurring theme on one’s chosen subject tends to be miserable. Thankfully there have been a few things in the cricketing world which made me smile over the past day or so, so I thought I would awaken myself from this blogging slumber and, well, yeah!

1. Kumar Sangakkara returns to County Cricket.

Of course he had to end up at bleddy Surrey, but this is an added incentive to get out of the house this summer. Without his wicket-keeping gloves in the kitbag, he’s got the highest Test average (69.35) after Don Bradman. For one often labelled a home town bully, Sanga has scored 16 tons away from home, with only the West Indies not witnessing one of his centuries. He’s still pretty good, too;

How on earth did we allow Neil McKenzie to score a ton against us!?

2. The return of Pat Cummins. 

He’s Australian, a fast bowler, and I’ve no idea if he’s the likable Dizzy Gillespie type, or a snarling ‘meany’ like Glenn McGrath. Yet I do know that this kid is talented, and I like watching talented cricketers. In a world which seems to almost have a dearth of decent quicks, Cummins could be a scourge of everyone for years to come.

3. Curtley talk to no man.

And yet, he’ll write an autobiography with forewords from Steve Waugh and Richie Benaud; it comes out in April. The last time I heard from Curtly was when he was delivering half hour speeches to, if not save the day, then at least delay it. To be honest, I don’t know what to expect from the book as he never said all that much during his career, but just someone evoking his name has given me warm memories of the big Antiguan who might well be my favourite player from the 90s. Here’s a quick reminder:

4. Afghanistan.

They’ve got some ability, as I wrote about last year following their victory over Bangladesh. I’d like to see them scalp a big side or two at the World Cup, as the minnows are what these tournaments are about. Anyway, pleasingly in their current warm up series they have just thumped Ireland, having been bowled out by Scotland for 68 in their last match. This kind of mercurialness (mercuriality?) (mercurialation?!) appeals to me a lot. Najibullah Zadran hit 52 runs in 3 overs against the Irish, and unlike any English bowlers Hamed Hassan can regularly bowl at 90mph+. We need to get some of these boys in the English T20 tournament or something, as they can hit it a mile and bring a raw element to the sport that hasn’t necessarily been coached out of them. It might even help spread the game…

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