Peter Such – England’s New Spinning Coach

I won’t delve too deeply into the latest re-shuffle at Team England, which sees an internationally renowned spinner with nearly 200 Test wickets replaced by a man with just 37. I don’t know enough about their respective coaching credentials – and I tend to think international cricketers ought not need ‘skills’ coaching so much anyway. The recent record with Monty Panesar in particular is pretty shoddy which suggests there might have been room for improvement somewhere in the process – perhaps they could learn from some of the ‘spin’ eminating from honchos at the ECB (ho ho, see what I did there).

Aaaanyway, the name Peter Such instead invoked a memory from somewhere deep within my brain, the part reserved only for the trivially inane – the bit which also contains information like the fact that crocodiles sweat through their mouths. A quick Google affirmed my suspicions: Such was responsible for a magnificent 72 minute, 51 ball Test duck. Coming in at number 10, he supported Mark Ramprakash at the other end to his half century and provided some resistance for England in what was probably one of England’s lowest ebbs – a nightmare series loss to Stephen Fleming’s* side.

(hosted, of course, by the outstanding Robelinda2)

As some of the comments on Youtube suggest, this is actually the second longest Test duck after Geoff Allott who faced 77 balls.

* Fleming is regularly held up as one of the outstanding captains of the past 20 years. Yet it was odd to see how few men they had round the bat for a batsman of Such’s calibre, especially with Cairns tearing in. If Cook had done that, well…


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2 Responses to Peter Such – England’s New Spinning Coach

  1. Dmitri Old says:

    Main memories of Such? Bowling Steve Waugh through the gate at Old Trafford, the day before “the ball of the century”. Ray Illingworth allegedly didn’t like him because he thought he was soft (that book of his was always worth a read). And at the old Southchurch Park ground in Southend, him asking me the latest score in the 2nd test of the 2001 Ashes.

  2. Alex Braae says:

    Agree re Robelinda2, it is very hard to know how much of the footage he hosts would have ever seen the light of day without his tenacity.

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