A New County Cricket Summer

Usually a winter thumping brings an even greater edge to the start of a County summer. The sun pokes it’s head out, people are a year older, and there is a freshness to the game. Phrases are often bandied about at this time of year..”Places up for grabs”, “starting afresh”, “green shoots”…

This time, however, no-one wants to talk about cricket. Which is a shame for an imperious looking I. Ron Bell who is accumulating what look like serious early season runs for Warwickshire. It is a shame for Gary Ballance and Sam Robson, both of whom have made April tons with one eye on a spot in a new look England side. It is a shame for Steven Finn, who has taken the most wickets in Division 1 at an average of just 16 after a nightmare winter. On another year, it’d even be a shame for Ed Joyce who has had a dream start, the type usually reserved for the misty-eyed insides of a batsman’s head after a particularly satisfying winter net.

Instead of discussing the merits of these achievements up against each other, instead of pondering the make up of the visiting tourists to come, instead of just feeling happy that my favourite spectator sport is back – I just feel disinterested. Well not disinterested exactly, disenfranchised.

Why? The elephant in the room. Not KP. He is but one part of this.

It is clear that the ECB hold NO INTEREST in dissecting and analysing THE WORST TOUR EVER. They have seemingly rushed to scapegoat ONE  member of the “rank and file” whilst COMPLETELY EXONERATING the actual GENERALS who were “running the show” of ANY BLAME WHATSOEVER.

I won’t be going into it further. There are other sources (LINK, LINK2, LINK3) who will do that far better than I can.

I just felt I needed to say it; I didn’t want to start blogging again about other things without addressing the elephant stinking out the place. ECB, take note.


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I'll muse on various subjects, mainly involving willow, leather and grass. My natural instincts is to heap as many compound adjectives as I can to sporting natterings. If you like, then feel free to link :)
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2 Responses to A New County Cricket Summer

  1. Dmitri Old says:

    I’m going tomorrow, weather permitting, to see the Surrey Shambles against the Essex Mafioso. Looking forward to it. It’s the sport I love. Those that slag us off for having a go forget that. It’s called passion, not blithe acceptance. Expect to be bored rigid with my photos!

    Chin up sir.

    • Enjoy, hopefully get a nice day for it. Good to see Ravi Bop on form. I’d have him in at number 6 at least!

      I have actually edited the ending to this post before I’d seen your comment as I didn’t quite reflect my feelings – I do actually WANT to move on. Unfortunately the ECB are making this impossible with their closed shop, head in the sand approach.

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