Ball of the Century

The best parts of this one is the contours of the keeper gloves and Gatting’s face. Even though you can’t see the detail on Gatt’s mug you know what emotion he’s feeling; confused and defeated.

One of the best things about the ball is the reaction of Gatting. As the Australians celebrated, he just sort of stood there confused. This accusing and bewildered stare at where the bail should be, contrasted with the group happiness at the back of the shot.

On a side note, whatever happened to Cornhill Insurance? Did they exist solely to sponsor cricket in the 1990s because I don’t think I’ve heard of them since…


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I'll muse on various subjects, mainly involving willow, leather and grass. My natural instincts is to heap as many compound adjectives as I can to sporting natterings. If you like, then feel free to link :)
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