The Nightwatchman

Like cricket?

Like reading about cricket?

Got a brain?

If the answer to the last question is yes, then it is likely that the answer to the previous two is yes as well. If the answer to any of them is no, then I do wonder what (the fuck) you are doing on my blog. Me, I like cricket. I’m a watcher, a player, a writer (tenuous claim) and mainly a reader. I take as much pleasure in the well-pitched delivery of cricketing prose as I do a well-pitched Anderson away swinger which grazes the outside edge.

However it was with a hint of trepidation, akin perhaps a waft to an innocuous delivery outside off stump, that I ordered the first edition of The Nightwatchman magazine. I like Wisden: I get their famous Almanack most years and pick and choose articles until I’ve read it cover to cover, although not in any discernable order. Yesterday I picked it up and was reading about Essex’s disappointing year in spite of the signing of (my former Somerset fave) Charl Willoughby. Injury, retirement; an unfortunate but not unusual story.

So yeah, as I was saying, I like Wisden. I’m not really a magazine person. Quite often the content is either online or at least mirrored online elsewhere anyway. The current, up to date stuff I can get from The Guardian, my fellow bloggers or somewhere like Even Twitter and it’s clusterbomb of 160 character opinions fills a void. Now, back to that waft outside off stump. Turns out I perfectly middled a chinese cut. The Nightwatchman is excellent.

It is a quarterly publication so doesn’t even try to be with the times, which isn’t to say that it is necessarily behind them. In fact, all the articles do timelessness rather well.  In the first edition (Spring 2013), Osman Samiuddin’s piece “The Haal of Pakistan” was particularly breathtaking. There is something unashamedly romantic about Pakistan. I’m not sure whether it is the passion for the game, the lack of obvious governance or plan, or just simply the chaos! Samiuddin’s piece encapsulated it completely. Like this stunning blog on Shoaib Akhtar it completely resonated with me – like a badger on crack.

Anyway, here is a preview of the free preview they have on their website. It’s OK to copy, because it’s free anyway. Probably.


I don’t really know what else to write about it. It is like a book. Only magazine-y. But more of a book. I like it. So might you.


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I'll muse on various subjects, mainly involving willow, leather and grass. My natural instincts is to heap as many compound adjectives as I can to sporting natterings. If you like, then feel free to link :)
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  1. You’re not sponsored by them are you?

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