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SKY TV Cricket Commentator Ratings

I wrote this a while back, and it is my intention to similarly look at the TMS crew at some point when I purchase a new laptop. If I have missed anyone off the list, then please add your thoughts! … Continue reading

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An Ode To Aaron Finch

Big Bosh League Booms Canary Yellow Call-up Looms Another half tracker lynched By the dumpy Aaron Finch To Southampton’s Bowl – no longer a Rose Fat boy Finch threw his weight Behind 156 blows Slammed over Long On Finchy showed up Dave Warner … Continue reading

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The Non-Brilliant Captaincy of Michael Clarke

In going 3-0 down it struck me that this Australian team is actually pretty decent; taking England to the final session in 2 out of the 3 completed Tests and dominating the abandoned match. Rogers, Warner and Clarke are decent … Continue reading

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Geoffrey Boycott: “Gypsy”

Geoffrey Boycott uses the term ‘gypsy’ as a negative slur. Fast forward this podcast to 1:10:10. “Why don’t you dress like that more often? You looked a tramp you’d just come from sleeping under the covers, last week. In fact … Continue reading

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Shought Thorts on the Tird Thest

1. Australia saved by the rain! England fans denied glorious Bell ton! 2. England were put under pressure by their own inability to crack on. Cook and Bell both got out in the low 60;s when looking either set or … Continue reading

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The Nightwatchman

Like cricket? Like reading about cricket? Got a brain? If the answer to the last question is yes, then it is likely that the answer to the previous two is yes as well. If the answer to any of them … Continue reading

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