Happy Birthday To The Wrong Un

It is almost an entire year since the wrong’un blog was founded.

In that year I have penned (keyed?) 97 articles (including this one), accumulated 74 blog followers, gained 300 Twitter followers and made no friends.


Where to from here? Obviously the natural thing to do would be to quit in a blaze of mediocrity; anything else requires some form of effort. It is also natural for me to resist any form of change. However, cricket is a fluid and wholly unnatural sport. Barney Ronay summed it up nicely in the Graun:

“There is no other form of mass public entertainment quite like this. If you were to pitch Test cricket now as a global sport – five days of weather-bound, opaque and often imperceptible struggle – you wouldn’t get it past the first audition. It is a glorious fluke, a hangover from less adrenal times, threatened continually by louder, shorter, more explosive attractions, but still gloriously unchanged.”

Thus I have decided to push on. I am the shaky starter who has somehow overcome the challenge of the new ball to reach lunch (which in this analogy would no doubt consist of soggy cucumber sandwiches and a slice of dry cake). Don’t get me wrong I am pleased and surprised to have gotten even this far, yet I am one of those batsman who never looks set; ever uncomfortable, anxiety seeping through every sinew: I am KP facing a pair, only in this case confidence never quite sets in and it is in a permanent state of crisis. They are bowling two left arm orthodox spinners and my mental ticks are now more frequent than a James Pattinson no-ball.

What I need is a plan. So like Duncan Fletcher on magical ‘shrooms I headed to the drawing board. The pen wasn’t working so I thought I’d write down my aims, objectives to achieve these aims and my blogging fantasies on here instead. A few of them are simple, a few will require a spot of research, and a few are just plain nonsensical. In short, they are as follows:

  1. – Continue Posting. This sounds simple but without checking, I’d guess half of my posts came in the first three months of the blog. I have since started a more taxing occupation which cuts down on research time. If I can do another hundred odd in year two I’ll be happy. If not I’m going to try to at least ‘Tweet’ more. Get my shizz out there.
  2. – Build up blogging relationships. This doesn’t mean go round trying to find fellow bloggers to hump the hell out of (unless anyone’s interested?…), rather it makes sense that the people who are interested enough to comment on my blog are likely to be those who are writing stuff of interest to me as well. I will try to use my WordPress reader as well attempt to comment more on my current blogroll to access more writing, more opinion, and more interaction. There’s nothing worse than writing something you think is ace only for it to get one comment, which is a kind chap from Togo trying to flog Viagra.
  3. – Spread the word. My most popular ‘viewing day’ came as a result of a random plug from another website (cricinfo live county blog featured on of my articles as a talking point one day). With this in mind, I will aim to write more stuff suitable for the promising thecricketmagazine.com website, I am going to continue to liaise (also known as harass) some of the established journos, and I might even try to submit a couple of more ‘timeless’ pieces to a couple of cricket newspapers, websites to see if they are interested. That’s ambition, eh?
  4. – Cricket it up. Watch more cricket, read about more cricket, write about more cricket. It sounds like a great idea to me. The blog is about the sport, apres all. The more of the sport I access the more stuff I’ll have of interest to write about. I have prescribed to The Nightwatchman magazine recently. This sates my appetite for good reading when I’m not near the internet. Yet I’ve not seen a live ball of the Ashes yet, just caught up on C5 and of course followed the ball-by-ball on Cricinfo.

Thanks 4 reading 🙂 All advices appreciated!


About wrongunatlongon

I'll muse on various subjects, mainly involving willow, leather and grass. My natural instincts is to heap as many compound adjectives as I can to sporting natterings. If you like, then feel free to link :)
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10 Responses to Happy Birthday To The Wrong Un

  1. Slayer Muser says:

    Love it. If nothing else (your idea), you are the Master of Self-Deprecation! This will change; in you and then your work. Remember Maugham:

    “The moral I draw is that the writer should seek his reward in the pleasure of his work and in release from the burden of his thought; and, indifferent to aught else, care nothing for praise or censure, failure or success.”

    P.S. Re: 4. Watch live on http://www.cricvid.com and follow blog commentary on “The Telegraph” (Tyers and Lieuw are very funny).

  2. Great plans, I’ve been going on my blog on and off for about six months and I plan to do the same really especially read more about cricket!

  3. Rafa says:

    Happy Birthday, and keep up the good work!

  4. Is that a real cake? Did you bake it for your blog-birthday? The black background makes me think not but I’d love to be wrong.

    I’m really impressed that you’ve done 97 posts. I’ve managed just 38 since October and I sort of get paid to blog. Well done!
    I really enjoy your stuff. If you ever want to do any research in the MCC library at Lord’s just let me know.

    • It is a real cake! (But I definitely just typed in cricket birthday cake on Google to find it! :P)

      Yeah I’ve hit 97. I think that works out two a week. It helped being unemployed for a month or two of the South Africa series last summer though. Also it helps that although I did put ‘some’ effort into ‘some’ of them (honest!), quite a lot of them are utter nonsense/poems etc.

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