Ten Inciteful Thoughts From Taunton

I’m not sure what this incoherent ramble will incite, per se, but it is certainly not particularly insightful

Khawaja facing Dockrell; Spinner's fields are always a more interesting photo...

Khawaja facing Dockrell; Spinner’s fields are always a more interesting photo…

1. Ed Cowan. It seemed like he nicked it. One of those where there was a noise as the dark red passed oak, the cordon celebrated rather than appealed, and it seemed odd that Cowan had a few words for the umpire. In a warm-up, it seemed out of place. Just goes to show how under pressure he is for his spot; I suspect it won’t be the first instance this summer of an Aussie bat querying a decision.

2. Jamie Overton vs Usmin Khawaja. This was a decent contest with the new ball. I was a little surprised to see Khawaja join Watson after the early fall of Cowan, but he played his strokes regardless of the situation. Overton bowls a decent bouncer, clattering both Watson and Khawaja and making Khawaja evade several fairly ungraciously too. There were also at least two genuine edges go through slip/gully from Khawaja and a few play’n’misses too, dispersed with some cracking shots including a pretty sexy hook shot just two balls after being hit. It was an exciting start to the day’s play, with Australian going at 6 an over during the new ball spell.

3. Watto. Whilst a fair amount of nonsense was happening at the other end, Watson was a less frenetic and more assured figure. He’s one of the stockier players in cricket which doesn’t really mean anything at all really, but it seems when he plays down the ground he looks as good as any other, capable of really thudding the ball off the front foot. Soft dismissal though. As ever.

4. Clarke. It’s fair to say the interweb either quibbles or chortles or both regarding Clarke’s role in the leadership debacle of Cricket Australia. He started slowly compared to the rate Watson and Khawaja were going at but grew into the innings. He is one of those batsmen really good at getting very fine flicks down the legside, to the point where a leg slip might have been in business today. I don’t know how much you can draw from his ‘return from injury’ thing as I gather it is a one of those where he could just wake and his back will feel sore. Today it didn’t look sore…tomorrow it might.

5. Somerset’s bowling depth. Overton was expensive if tricky and Hussain underused. Dockrell the least threatening bowler I’ve ever seen, and Meschede and Trego don’t inspire with their mid-paced dobblers. Combined with yesterday’s collapse, you can see why Somerset aren’t doing too well in the Division One this year. They could probably do with Compton not getting picked for the Ashes.

6. Haddin. At 6. At 6: Haddin. Brad. Haddin. At 6; 6 is higher than 7. Well, it is in cricket anyway. Haddin is a solid number 7 – not a 6. Still, he was aggressive against Dockrell which woke me up a little bit. They can probably get away with it here, but I’d be amazed if Haddin is used in the Tests batting at this high a number. Or low a number, speaking more mathematically.

7. Phil Hughes…looked ok! The bowling wasn’t exactly a thorough examination of his technical flaws; I wanted Hussain back for a spot of off-stump probing but it was not to be. However Hughes hit some really nice cover drives. He looked untroubled.

8. Rain. Another wicket and Somerset would have been bowling at the bowlers. Which would have been interesting with two hours play missed. In the second day of a ‘warm-up’ match it would have been nice to see both sides bat. I actually got a little sunburnt in the first two sessions though so it was still a nice day for it; it felt like a day where a skilled propeller of leather might have swung the ball quite a bit. Not so for Somerset, mind. The silver lining of the rain appearing was the thought that the irritating twats clogging up the train on their way to Glasto’ are possibly drowning in their miserable tents…

9. Camera skillz: With a ‘z’ because I’m a 1980’z baby, yah.  Err, I took about 30-40 photos, some were dire, some ok, a couple probably quite nice. On my way home I was flicking through them, only I wasn’t flicking through them as such – more deleting them really. I realised when I had about six left. They’re all pretty average. I’m amazing with a camera really. I just don’t want anyone else to know it.

10. To the young scouser dressed up as KISS: Piss off; I’m not your fucking friend.


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One Response to Ten Inciteful Thoughts From Taunton

  1. Seems to perfectly sum up how the match is going so far. Good to see Phil Hughes back in the runs. Very talented player but has been extremely short of confidence lately. First two sessions aside, its promising signs that this squad are finally beginning to gel!

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