The First Ashes Warm-Up Match – Day Three Poem*

Day Three begun, with New Zealand stunned
A flurry of wickets, England playing top cricket
Yes – he’s got him, 5 up for Jim!

Then England set about, putting the game out of doubt
However Cook was caught and Compton bowled, a serious danger they might fold
Rescued by Trott’n’Root, a partnership to make New Zealand mute
England steaming away, until Southee had his say
Ebbing and flowing, the match to-ing and fro-ing

*A lazy, acrostic effort today as I had a few mid-afternoon beers and I am now falling asleep.

A few mid-match thoughts:

– This game is really moving on at pace now and today’s play was riveting, really good stuff. England will fancy their chances if they can eke out another 50 or so runs from their last 4 wickets, but New Zealand will know they are only really one serious partnership away from an unexpected away win.

– I mentioned on Twitter that James Anderson has ‘only’ taken two 5-fers in his last 60 innings. I only really mentioned it as I was wondering when his last 5-for was ahead of today’s play, and I thought it was interesting looking through his stats. The Twits however didn’t like it and it provoked several re-tweets and about 20 irate replies. Relax champs, I know he’s good.

– A hundred for either Root or Trott, both guilty of ‘relaxed’ defensive shots for their dismissals, would have practically guaranteed England the game.

– Swann could cause some serious damage in the second innings, judging from the amount of turn part-time offie Williamson got. Williamson spent most of the afternoon seemingly trying to avoid the footholes, Swann’s accuracy ought to see him cause more problems.


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I'll muse on various subjects, mainly involving willow, leather and grass. My natural instincts is to heap as many compound adjectives as I can to sporting natterings. If you like, then feel free to link :)
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One Response to The First Ashes Warm-Up Match – Day Three Poem*

  1. I’d be surprised if England didn’t win from here. I’m sort of hoping it’s all finished today – mainly so I don’t have to get to work early again tomorrow!

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