Crap Cricket Computer Games

It is important for me to state that I am not a big gamer and I do not own a console. I am actually super cool, which is why I pen a blog about cricket. Cos that makes me cool…right?

What I don’t mind admitting however, is whittling away a couple of hours of a quiet evening on my laptop, catching up with news and views and occasionally twatting on about nothing. Recently however my job has become less like work per se, and more like an 8 hour browse of the internet whilst pretending to work. Which means my evenings are somewhat empty. I refuse to let TV fill this void because I value my sanity, and thus I have turned to a management sim to fill my time – in this case International Cricket Captain 2012.

Setting the scene: In my student days/daze, I demolished, wasted and dedicated entire chunks of my insanely empty life by concentrating on Chaffball Manager 2009, notably taking Napoli and then Livorno to Champions League success – as well as being sacked countless times by chaffballing luminaries such as Rochdale, Plymouth Argyle and Barnet. It was gripping, simple, and addictive. It was also, however, Chaffball ~ which means it cannot be talked about too much on this blog, lest my two readers get turned off, do an IP search, Googlemap me and hunt me down like hormonal honeybadgers on crack.

So yeah, International Cricket Captain 2012.

The surprising thing to me is that I actually owned the 2007 version back in the day/daze and played it a fair amount back then – yet it hasn’t changed at all. By at all, I mean at all. In fact, it’s basically an update with the Australian league added. In 5 years it just hasn’t evolved. It’s the same engine, the same screens, the same jerky pages and the same awkward save game engine. It’s ok, and I’ll no doubt get good value for the tenner or whatever I frizzed away on it, but I’m shocked at how little has been improved. It could certainly be a lot more to it and there is undoubtedly a whole chunk of laziness and complacency from the developers to churn out the same format every season for I imagine the last 5 years. It’ll be at least 5 years before I try again as a result.

This just emphasises the lack of any decent cricket games, ever. Brian Lara was always too easy once you’d played more than 3 games and never left much scope for multiplayer anyway, the management sims pale into insignificance compared to the football versions, and somehow they even made stick cricket too hard.

Surely there is a market for a decent developer to get hold of a cricket engine and tweak it until it is a global powerhouse of computer games? Surely with India as a potential market to open up, someone can see the potential to put a bit of time into improving my evenings?! Surely my next blog post won’t be about Chaffball Manager 2013?!!


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2 Responses to Crap Cricket Computer Games

  1. Alex Britten says:

    I can categorically say that Brian Lara 2007 is one of my least favourite and most favourite games of all time ever – but 2005 was where I cut my teeth. If you weren’t 600-2 within 20 overs you were doing it wrong

  2. Brian Lara games were so good, for the first 2 times you played it. Then you got the hang of it and it was almost impossible to get out. Highlights included boffing Australia with Zimbabwe by 10 wickets with 20 overs to spare in the ODI WC Final. I could almost taste the imaginary bitter, salted tears of McGrath as I spiffed him over midwicket 6 balls in a row. I don’t think I played the game again, I’d reached the pinnacle of cricket.

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