Two Great Innings, Two Great Knocks

I was saddened recently by the news over the New Year of the passing of two of the voices of cricket, Tony Greig and Christopher Martin-Jenkins.

Greig a brash, opinionated user of the English language; CMJ the voice of control – the master of English language.
Greig one of England’s best all-rounders with stats to rival Botham’s; CMJ a man of just one first class game for Sussex.
Greig perhaps the most significant cricketer of the past 50 years; CMJ the man with the unrivalled love of cricket.

I won’t carry on; my own words are somewhat meaningless. Instead I’ll link to some frankly lovely tribute articles penned by some of those who were closer to the pair:

Jonathan Agnew on Tony Greig – A Man You Would Run Through Brick Walls For“one of cricket’s pioneers and innovators.”

Mike Selvey’s tribute to Tony Greig“there is scarcely a professional cricketer today who has not benefitted in some way from the initiative he took.”

Scyld Berry’s admiration of CMJ“What made him so good as a radio commentator, apart from his precise and unforced diction, was that he came closer than anyone to combining the knowledge of an expert with the enthusiasm of a student.”

Last but not least – this one doesn’t have a single sentence worth quoting, just read it all:
Mike Selvey’s beautiful tribute to CMJ

Tony Greig

Tony Greig (1946-2012)…Christopher Martin Jenkins (1945-2013)

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2 Responses to Two Great Innings, Two Great Knocks

  1. Where do you get your pictures from! they are absolutely brilliant!

  2. Google, then cropped to fit. thanks 🙂

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