The Cricket Bloggers Step Up

All I want to do in life, pretty much, is read about cricket. Along with the statistics, the writing on cricket is what sets it apart from (as an obvious example) chaffball. Dispiritingly, at this tragically over-rated time of year it seems like most of my favourite cricket journalists (arise Lord Selvey , Victor Marks and young squire Barney Ronay) are busy preparing turkeys instead of providing me with reading material (what I like to refer to as “crickliterature”). So it was with some delight that I returned to the world-wide-interweb and came across not one, not two, not three, not four, not six, not seven…but FIVE top notch cricket bits to feast my eyes upon. Marvo. In no particular order, here they are:

99.94“2012 – Three Favourite Moments”
Not only is the blog named after Don Bradman’s Test average (see what I mean about cricket fans and statistics), but this is a well written look at three of the best cricket moments in 2012. I particularly like the third one which is really well summarised – Watching Amla bat is one of the things I’ll remember from 2012, I’d rate it alongside Wiggin’s Tour de France win and all the Olympics successes too. It was that fantastic: Amla mesmerised me.

Limited Overs “17 Matches”
The best thing about the year ending is that we know the New Year brings with it more cricket. This piece highlighted the obvious: not much more needs to be said about the importance of the Cook/Clarke axis when it comes to not just one but TWO Ashes series in 2013. Also a decent reference check for the other fixtures going on around the globe – South Africa vs Pakistan will be tightly contested.

Stumped4aDuck“Defending Australia’s Rotation Policy”
As it says on the proverbial tin, this piece defends the resting of Australian’s quicks – justifying it by highlighting the looming leviathons of the upcoming Ashes’ series. The argument given is of course correct in that it’ll look a great decision if all of Australia’s quicks are fit and firing in 6 months time: no-one will care about who wrapped up the feeble Sri Lankan tourists this month if Australia can scalp England next year. Balanced.

The Full Toss“Intimidated – I Don’t Think So”
A brasher assessment of Australia’s chances next year. “The Full Toss” is a little below the belt in this article, mocking Australia’s current cricketing reserves and in particular the assessments of the ‘Channel 9’ commentary team, who do have a tendency to overhype any recent Australian victory. There is a little part of me who wants to jump on board the Full Toss bandwagon, and a little part of me which will forever be afflicted by ‘The Fear’. This entails English batting collapses, bronzed Australians crowing, Steve Harmison hitting second slip, Nasser putting Australia in at the Gabba, and Glenn McGrath. On that last one: Glenn McGrath, Mitchell Johnson isn’t. We should be alright.

Thoughts of a Cricket AddictXI of the Worst Tail Enders
Last but by no means least, a piece which bucks the trend and isn’t about either this year ending or next year starting. Instead, Alex Britten looks at the tail-ender. Well, not just the tail-ender but the complete and utter hapless rabbits we’ve seen over the years. Chris Martin is obviously at the top of the list, he’s a useless twirler of willow; but there were a few others on there which were decent shouts too. Worth a read.

Cheers chaps! (assuming of course that you are all chaps). May it continue into 2013 and beyond!

Let’s all pen articles about England’s two 5-0 victories over Australia in 2013…maybe.


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I'll muse on various subjects, mainly involving willow, leather and grass. My natural instincts is to heap as many compound adjectives as I can to sporting natterings. If you like, then feel free to link :)
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3 Responses to The Cricket Bloggers Step Up

  1. Alex Britten says:

    Feels strange having my ‘I’m really bored and want to write some fluff piece so here’s some fluff’ listed amongst these other much weightier blogs, but thanks all the same! Funny thing about your caption with the picture of the Ashes which has reminded me of something I read back in 2003 in a match day programme from the 3rd Test against South Africa – I’ll post that some point soon!

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