South Africa Demand Apology

Our players are angered by David Collier’s claims that they employed unfair and unsporting tactics against Kevin. By his own admission Mr Collier never saw any text messages, or correspondence, and we know that Kevin himself has never suggested that he was provoked, so where is the evidence for this claim?

“In international cricket if a player makes an inflammatory comment or accusation he gets punished. Look what happened to Kevin Pietersen himself. The players believe that the same should apply to administrators especially when this is done publicly. Our players are awaiting an apology.”

Ok, calm, I think it’s time to wind one’s neck in here.

South Africa played the Pietersen situation perfectly this summer, and benefitted from it as both he and England imploded. That’s fair enough.

To expect an apology now though, having smashed England in the Tests and seen the withdrawal of our best batsman from any form of international cricket to date, seems somewhat touchy. I hope Collier tells the South African Cricket Association where to go. And who cares if Graeme Smith and co are angry – they dislike England anyway.


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3 Responses to South Africa Demand Apology

  1. alexbritten103 says:

    Spot on. All they’re doing is twisting the knife in the whole saga; trying to draw it out and hamper KP’s ‘reintegration’. Mind games not dissimilar to the Aussie mob from about 10 years ago!

    • Definitely. If this was an average player (or even a shit one like Ravi Bop!) we’d never have heard of these texts. Ignore them, and get on with building the team back to the No1 level – a position I still feel is very, very attainable in spite of the one-sided series this summer.

  2. All I can say Kevin got a welcome break…and he’ll be back with a vengeance! 🙂

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